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mads mikkelsen's 'eyebrows'

i accidentally fell in love with bryan fuller
bryan?//? full? full of bryan er bryaner


i hate his stupid danish accent



episode one: cheese pizza

episode two: pepperoni pizza

episode three: mushroom pizza

episode four: sausage pizza

episode five: meat lovers pizza

episode six: hawaiian pizza

episode seven: margherita  pizza

episode eight: veggie pizza

episode nine: white pizza

episode ten: deep dish pizza

episode eleven: thin crust pizza

episode twelve: barbecue chicken pizza

episode thirteen: mac and cheese pizza




Nike VS Adidas


College AU where Hannibal Lecter doesn’t have thousands of dollars at his disposal because tuition is very expensive so he is forced to wear a rain poncho as his murder suit and eats slices of human meat with ramen for dinner every night.  


@bbcthree I would say I’m sorry but I’m really not #saveintheflesh

(based on this)


Hannibal + symmetry

Symmetry refers to visual harmony of balance and proportion, and it represents order and stability. Historically, it was associated with the workings of the divine: Aristotle ascribed mathematical symmetry to the heavenly bodies as manifestations of the natural order and perfection of the universe.

Symmetry is visually appealing, yet also suggests a sterile rigidity and monotony. In cinematography, the coherence to absolute lines detracts from the humanity of the characters it portrays, positioning them as automatons in a dance rather than freely acting individuals. The viewer is positioned in a god’s eye view of the world, making us complicit in the dehumanisation of the subjects.