i'm reading the hannibal lecter tetralogy and red dragon was amazing asdfwert ;

i accidentally fell in love with bryan fuller
bryan?//? full? full of bryan er bryaner

semi-hiatus during the week

i hate his stupid danish accent

Mads Mikkelsen for Vanity Fair Italia

Mads Mikkelsen as Nigel 

"You are no more at fault for what happened to you than if you had been bitten by a mad dog."


Hannibal AU, in which Hannibal doesn’t listen to classical music.

"The dogs are almost a defense mechanism for him so he can go to a place of purity with the dog soul and get out of the convoluted nature of mankind. I got the psychological landscape of a guy who escapes to animals to get away from the complexities of the human psyche. […] Will avoids eye contact, and it’s safer for him to bond with an animal because he knows what his expectations are of that creature   — a human being is a much trickier monster.” - Bryan Fuller (x)


+40° 46’ 50.28”, -73° 57’ 48.00”  txt it


Frederick Chilton Appreciation (2/2) - Clumsy Whelp Edition

Look at that nerd. He’s my delicate little flower. He’s very precious to me. Also he’s alive. The latter being the most important fact right now though.



Did Mads really draw that? And where did you find it?

yep! check out this post, caroline dharvenas did one too ;)

notice the detail on mads’ and how he drew in pencil before outlining in pen to achieve perfection. truly inspirational

Think of where you are and when. Think of who you are. A simple reminder. The handle to reality for you to hold on to… and know you’re alive.


Fannibals, you gotta love (and CRAVE) these doodles from Mads Mikkelsen and Caroline Dhavernas who play Hannibal Lecter and Dr. Alana Bloom, colleagues and lovers in NBC’s critically acclaimed series HANNIBAL (Friday nights at 10pm).

What on earth are you doing, Alana? Go back to Will!!!

Caroline Dhavernas’ Doodle

Mad Mikkelsen’s Doodle

Bid on eBay May 8th-18th!

Su-zakana + light